PSB Family 2016 Program Review – Miami Suns Larkins

All eyes were on Miami Suns Larkins during the summer of 2016. See what stars in the making under the guidance of coach Jason Hively. Photo cred - Ty Freeman / #PSBSummerKickoff

All eyes were on Miami Suns Larkins during the summer of 2016. See what stars in the making under the guidance of coach Jason Hively. Photo cred – Ty Freeman / #PSBSummerKickoff

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By: @JLHemingwayPSB

Coach Jason Hively doubles as a club coach and a high school coach at Nova High School in South Florida. For more than a decade coach Hively has helped develop and promote players to the next level. In the past few years he has joined forces with the Nike sponsored Miami Suns program to coach the Larkins EYBL team. His involvement with underclassman talent in South Florida is paying dividends for the Suns EYBL Jr. team.

2018 Larkins Players Moving up to Miami Suns Fowles EYBL

Erin Gutierrez – Nova
Natalia Pineda – John Ferguson

2019 Returning Players to Larkins and Moving to Fowles

Kiera Brown – Palm Beach Gardens (Fowles)
Gabrielle “GiGi” Gonzalez – Nova HS
Cheyanne Daniels – John Ferguson (Fowles)
Carla Sota – Archbishop McCarthy HS
Aaliyah Stanley – Oxbridge Academy (Fowles)
Alexa Zaph – Oxbridge Academy

Coach Hively on the Benefits of Playing in PSB Tourneys

“I have been participating and taking teams and players to PSB Events since 2006. The Memorial Day Showdown at Georgia Tech was our first event. I knew right away that Brandon brought value to the game of girls basketball. Since then PSB has provided a platform for players to be recruited and evaluated by schools at all levels. It is always exciting for your team to compete in a bracket where a championship is on the line in each event. PSB always provides great venues and facilities as well as a professional environment. PSB has continued to elevate as grassroots basketball has changed over the years. As a coach, I know I can count on Brandon and PSB for my team and players.”

Brandon Clay on the Miami Suns Larkins EYBL

“Jason Hively led Miami Suns Team Larkins EYBL to a successful season. He did a good job of combining both talented and energetic kids to lead them to a summer full of college exposure and top notch competition. In that way, Hively and Suns Program Director, Miguel Diaz, are on the same page when it comes to the direction of this elite level national program. We look forward to working with the Suns as a part of the PSB Family for years to come.”  — Brandon Clay

@SUVtv Video from the #PSBElite32: Miami Suns Larkins vs. Minnesota Fury 2019



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