BrandonClayScouting: Program Review – Tampa Titans

The Tampa Titan organization was created in 2011 as a way to bring exposure and development to basketball players in the Tampa area. Their counter-cultural strategy to travel basketball is already having positive effects for their player's … [Read more...]

#PSBFamily 2015 Program Review: Tampa Thunder

The Tampa Thunder are an organization dedicated to developing student-athletes on and off the basketball court. With an emphasis on educating the athlete and their family on the recruiting process, the Thunder routinely are able to direct players to … [Read more...] – Tampa Thunder Program Review – August 15, 2014

The Tampa Thunder may be young in the world of grassroots basketball, but they made their presence known on the travel circuit this year. With 12 teams in the program, the Thunder have a wide range of developing prospects. They boast of class of 2015 … [Read more...]