#BClayRecruiting: Rundown – March 22, 2021

Jordan Gary gets Toccoa Falls offer A 6-foot-6 frontcourt prospect, it was only a matter of time before Class of 2021 Jordan Gary’s (Ga.) recruitment began to pickup steam. Toccoa Falls stepped up to the plate with an offer for the bouncy unsigned … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Jordan Gary – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Jordan GaryHeight: 6’6″HS Grad Year: 2021Position: PF / CSchool / Hometown: Hiram HS (Hiram, Georgia)College Choice: Friend's University Video … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Matthew Brown – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Matthew BrownHeight: 6'5″HS Grad Year: 2024Position: SG / SFSchool / Hometown: Walker School (Marietta, Georgia)GPA / SAT: 3.4 / 1180 (two-part) Video … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Chase Ballard – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Chase BallardHeight: 5’9″HS Grad Year: 2021Position: PGSchool / Hometown: Lithonia (Lithonia, Georgia)Club Team: Georgia CanesCollege Choice: Miles Player Evaluations: Date: October … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Miles Fiore – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Miles FioreHeight: 6’4″HS Grad Year: 2022Position: SG School / Hometown: St. George's (Middletown, Rhode Island) Player Evaluations: Date: October 2020Location: Brandon Clay FilmroomEvaluator: … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayTV: Bradley Newsome – SMP College Recruiting Exposure Member

Vitals: Name: Bradley NewsomeHeight: 6'0”HS Grad Year: 2021Position: SGSchool / Hometown: Boyd County HS (Ashland, Kentucky) Junior Year Highlights: 2019-20 … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Trevor Mullin – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Trevor MullinHeight: 6’0″HS Grad Year: 2023Position: PGSchool / Hometown: St. Sebastian School (Needham, Massachusetts)Club Team: Bay State Jaguars Player Evaluations: Date: September … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Reid Ducharme – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Reid DucharmeHeight: 6’7″HS Grad Year: 2023Position: SG / SFSchool / Hometown: Brewster Academy (Dedham, Massachusetts)Club Team: BABC Player Evaluations: Date: October 8, 2020Location: … [Read more...]

#BClayRecruiting: Austin Treece – College Recruiting Player Profile

Vitals: Name: Austin TreeceHeight: 6’8″HS Grad Year: 2021Position: PF / CSchool / Hometown: Tri Unity Christian School (Wyoming, Michigan)Club Team: West Michigan Crush Player Evaluations: Social Media … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayScouting: Player Profile – JaQuavious Peek

JaQuavious PeekClass of 2021Greene County HSHeight: 6'Position: Guard Evaluation from BCS Top 40 (March 16, 2020) Peek is a cat quick, shifty backcourt threat. He has the speed and ability to make life hard for opposing ball handlers or … [Read more...]