– Boise Hoop Dreams Program Review – August 19, 2014

Class of 2017 guard Tori Williams of the Boise Hoop Dreams is set to be the next star from Idaho. Read about her team's accomplishments from this summer.

Class of 2017 guard Tori fast custom essay Williams of the Boise Hoop Dreams is set to be the next star from Idaho. Read about her team’s accomplishments from this summer.

The Boise Hoop Dreams put the state of Idaho on the map of girls’ grassroots basketball this summer. Their rampage through the circuit caught most observers off guard, but do not expect this summer to be their swan song. There seems to be plenty more championships left to win in the future.

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While their success may appear to have happened over night, coach Shambric Williams tells a different story. “This group of girls has been together since they were in third grade. What we accomplished this summer is a testament to how hard these girls have worked and how well they have played together.”

Do not be surprised if you begin to see much more of the Boise Hoop Dreams in the years to come. Coach Williams and his entire program continue to develop girls from third grade up to high school. As he said, “We are not one done. These older girls have sisters and they essay on my role model ms dhoni are hungry to show that they can compete too.”

Program Director:

Shambric Williams

Program Headquarters:

Boise, Idaho Tournaments Attended:

Power 48 Summer Finale
Elite 32 Summer Jam Session II

Notable Players:

Danielle Jardine – 2015
Raquel Jardine – 2015
Mandy Simpson – 2017
Destiny Slocum – 2016
Dominique Williams – 2016
Tori Williams – 2017

Program Notes from Shabric Williams

The accomplishments of the Boise Hoop Dreams started with winning EOT at the beginning of the summer. The West Coast tournament is a staple event for most programs on that side of the country. After that championship, Williams’ team then proceeded to travel to Franklin, Tenn., for the Battle of the ‘Boro to close out the first half of July. Williams said, “I was just hoping we could win a couple of games and show that we could compete. Then we got on a roll and I said, ‘Pinch Me.’ No one from Idaho has ever done what we did.”

By winning the Gold Division at the Battle of the Boro, the ladies from Idaho showed that they were for real. favorite food essay Williams said, “It was a great measuring stick for us to play teams from all across the country.”

Williams talked about that moment as being the highlight from the summer. “I tell the girls all of the time. None of you will remember how many points you scored in a game, but you will always remember being called a champion.”

The Program: 

Williams is a former college basketball player who played in the early ‘90s at Boise State University and later joined the coaching staff for the Broncos. Standing at 6-foot-5 he is used to be on the court with male players his height or greater. Lately he has gotten used to coaching against young ladies who are his height. In that way he says that his team may not pass the eye test of being an elite basketball team. This would be a fact would you be unable to gather by looking at his call log in the month of August. He remarked, “My phone has been ringing non-stop since July ended.”

Many of those calls have centered on highly essay writing service scams touted guard Destiny Slocum of Meridan, Idaho. Williams says that nearly every school in the five power conferences has made a phone call on the No. 11 player in the class of 2016. Slocum’s energetic leadership combined with her deadly skill make her one of the most recruited players in the nation.

College coaches have not just called on Slocum as she is complemented by two other talented players in class of 2016 forward Dominque Williams of Meridan, Idaho and class of 2017 guard Tori Williams of Boise, Idaho. Dominique, at 6’, showed her versatile ability to shoot the ball and impact in the lane this summer. At 5-8, Tori projects to be one of the top combo guards in her class on the West Coast.

One of the positive byproducts of playing with such talent is added exposure that it brings to everyone on the team. Williams said, “It really has been a ripple effect through the team. I have fielded a call for every single player on our roster. It truly shows that we have an entire team that can play not just two or three i need help with my college essay players.”

The Future: 

With only a few rising seniors leaving the Boise Hoop Dreams oldest team, the core of this year’s team will still be intact. According to Williams, “Our younger programs are healthy and we are developing many new players every year.”

Even with the future looking so bright for ladies from Idaho, coach Williams is able to keep it all in perspective. “We are grateful for what we have accomplished. Honestly, it is humbling to be a part of all of this. This is a program for the players and we will keep it going in the future.”

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