#EBAFab5 Camp Recap Part II (Male) – April 13, 2018

Class of 2022 Seth Hubbard of Atlanta, Georgia, showed his skills at #EBAFab5 Camp in February. Photo cred – Ty Freeman

LAWRENCEVILLE, Georgia, – The Elite Basketball Academy has hosted some of Atlanta’s most talented male players in recent years. Alums such as D’Marcus Simonds (Georgia State), Jared Harper (Auburn) and Devin Mitchell (Georgia State) all starred for their respective teams in this year’s NCAA Tournament. This year’s showcase highlighted some of the area’s up and coming prospects in the middle school age group. Here is first a look back at this year’s camp.

#250 Jordan Adams

Adams has a promising future given his size and stature as an eight grader. He has the frame that should fill out nicely as he matures. His ability to slash to the bucket and create space is a strong suit currently.

#251 Noah Enoch

Enoch held his own in a gym full of older, talented players. He is an interior player with size and the promise of stretching out even taller. While he may not have a particular specialty at the moment, if he stays in the gym in upcoming years he is sure to develop a way to impact consistently.

#252 Seth Hubbard

Hubbard is a talented lead guard who can play-create or run a team’s offense. He is a lanky lead guard who loves to create plays off of the dribble. He was particularly effective at using the high ball screen to make plays. While he is a solid shooter currently, much of his future success will depend upon how consistent his jumper is beyond the arc.

#254 Deonte Lowe

Lowe is a hustle player who makes things happen on both ends of the court. He is a adept athlete at creating havoc with his ability to pressure the basketball. Offensively, he has a number of skills that are blossoming. We will keep an eye on how well he develops in upcoming years.

#255 Christian Burnett

Burnett proved himself to be a solid ball handler in a gym that was full of athletes and solid defenders. His ability to make the right decision at the right time was key. As he matures physically we expect to see other parts of his game shine in future years.

#256 Mason Reece

Reece is a high energy forward who makes things happen. His ability to rebound or face up at the free throw line make him a tough match-up for opposing front-line players. He has a quick first step and will attack the glass when he has a straight line drive. We were also impressed with his willingness to play through a slight injury early in camp.

#290 Owen Beesley

Beesley has much upside as a post player. He has length and a developing skill set that could be lethal in years to come. He is still growing into his body and is still figuring out how to affect the game consistently with his length. If he stays in the gym working, he will be one to track in the state of South Carolina.

#292 Jaylon Taylor

Taylor possesses a rare combination of size, athleticism and touch at an early age. Listed at 6-3, Taylor proved he could get buckets in the lane while shooting over the top of defenders. Equally as impressive was his willingness to run the court going both directions. Taylor is merely scratching the surface of the production he could have in upcoming years.

Coach Hemi-100-100Jonathan Hemingway is the Assistant Director of Scouting for the JumpOffPlus.com International Scouting Report, is on the Naismith Trophy Board of Selectors and owns CoachHemi.com, the go-to source for coaches for X’s and O’s.  He is the floor director of #TeamEBA camps, a site director for #TeamPSB tournaments and can be reached at [email protected].