#CoachHemi: Priorities in Order at the Final 4 Showcase – May 17, 2018

Class of 2021 guard Carley Culberson of Yorktown, Indiana, showed her skills at the #CoachHemiFinal4 Showcase. Photo cred – Chris Hansen/ProspectsNation.com

COLUMBUS, Ohio, – The epicenter of women’s basketball descended upon the capital city of the Buckeye State in the last weekend of March. This year the world saw the greatest Final 4 in the history of collegiate sports (men and women). While most in the city were there to take in the festivities of the tournament, there were over 80 high school and middle school aged prospects who were in town with different priorities. These players trained, competed and gain national exposure during the #CoachHemiFinal4 Camp. National evaluators from ProspectsNation.com, Brandon Clay and Chris Hansen, were on hand and actively working the camp. Also, Ted Pennington (@Ohio50) from the SCOH scouting report covered the event with live reports. Here is a look back at a few of the standout performers from the camp.


Hayden Barrier (Mount Sterling, Kentucky), Kentucky Premier – 2024

It takes a special type of young lady to venture into the “deep end of the pool” at a young age. This is what Barrier did over Easter weekend in Columbus. She was the youngest and perhaps even the smallest in the gym. However, that did not prevent her from making her presence known. Her fundamentals are on point. She has a calm demeanor and can take instruction in stride. Armed with a strong work ethic and a strong development team behind her, expect to hear much more from Barrier in upcoming years.

Carley Culberson (Yorktown, Indiana), NuVision Sportz – 2021

Culberson represented the Hoosier State very well during the camp. She brought her shooting touch and high energy attitude to the drills. Her ability to hit jumpers from beyond the arc and in the mid-range make her a tough cover. She also showed the quickness to blow past defenders to get to the rim consistently. She has physical growth still left. Nevertheless, Culberson put herself on the map as one of the better prospects we have seen in the Midwest in her class.

SeanKelly Darks (Cincinnati, Ohio), Phenom – 2020

The evolution of Darks’ game is worth noting. She started as a high energy wing who specialized on the defensive end. Her offensive game centered mostly around her ability to attack the rim with the dribble. Over the past months Darks is proving that she can be an attacking lead guard who can create plays for herself and others. At the camp she put in extra work on her jump shot, which gains consistency with each evaluation. The next step in Darks’ progression is to keep an attacking attitude in the game’s biggest moments.

Video of Darks courtesy of Parallels Media

Taylor Dunson (Dayton, Ohio), Phenom – 2020

The prospects that seem to stand out at these type of exposure events are the ones who bring A-1 effort in drills and games. This is exactly what we saw from Dunson during the Phenom Workout. She got down into a stance and guarded the ball with intensity. Offensively Dunson proved she could handle a number of responsibilities in the backcourt. This attitude and attributes should lead to future success.

Katie Dettwiller (Otway , Ohio), South Central Basketball Club – 2019

In an age where quality post play seems to be dwindling, Dettwiller is a breath of fresh air. She is a 6-foot-4 post who can use her length to affect the game on both ends of the court. She did a very good job finishing around the basket. She has touch and footwork when posting up on the low block. She can punish defenders that lack a few inches or athleticism to contest her shot. Dettwiller also displayed range on her jumper, which is an important skill from centers today. This gives her the potential to be a pick and pop player on the perimeter as well as a low-block threat.

Class of 2019 Kate Dettwiller of Ohio. Photo cred – Chris Hansen/ProspectsNation.com

Lyric Harris (Fairfield, Ohio), Phenom – 2020

We have evaluated Harris numerous times over the past twelve months. She has two attributes that seem to stick out consistently: Size and Energy. Harris is a player who can affect the game in the paint with her ability to defend and rebound. However, she is consistently adding parts to her offensive repertoire as well. She showed range on her jumper and the ability to lead the break in transition.

Janiah Newell (Danville, Illinois), Nike Lady Gym Rats – 2019

Newell is a quick point guard who does a great job of play-making. She has an eye for how to involve her teammates in the action and seems to always hit the open shooter in stride. Newell’s scoring abilities center around her quick first step. She can scoot past defenders and lay the ball in off floaters and lay-ups. Her jumper is also particularly effective off of the bounce.

Video courtesy of Parallels Media from the Coach Hemi 317 Showcase

Kamryn Peppler (Oshkosh, Wisconsin), Wisconsin Flight Elite – 2022

Peppler was one of the more promising younger prospects at the camp. She is still finishing up her time as a middle school student, but she is showing skills that will make her a point guard of interest for many years to come. The 5-6 guard showed a pretty stroke from distance. Her release comes out high and consistent. It is her ball handling skills and floor IQ that should keep her at the forefront of conversations with the Wisconsin Flight, however. She has a good sense of where to put the ball as a floor general while having footwork to allow her to create space with the dribble.

Video courtesy of Parallels Media from the Coach Hemi Final 4 Showcase

Madison Roshelle (Cincinnati, Ohio), Cincinnati’s Finest – 2021

Roshelle was our unofficial stock-riser award winner from the event. The 5-9 wing combined strength and finesse to score the ball at a very efficient rate. Roshelle is a tough cover for most defenders as she showed in the camp’s 3/3 competitive games. The Cincinnati native has a chance to elevate herself even higher this summer while on the circuit with Cincinnati’s Finest.
Video courtesy of Parallels Media from the Coach Hemi Final 4 Showcase

Around the Rim

Class of 2022 guard Tandra Smoot of Cincinnati, Ohio, is a constant hard worker. She took in two sessions on March 31st. She has the work ethic of a prospect who will continue to improve.

Class of 2023 point guard Rylee Williams from the Midwest Takeover program is a new name. She showed skill and poise in a big environment. Look for more from her in the future as she climbs the ladder of development.

Class of 2022 forward Mckenna Monogue of Mukwonago, Wisconsin, continues to impress with her size and skill set. She caught our eye with her range on her jump shot as well as being able to rebound with the bigger players on the court.

Class of 2022 guard Quantaijah Huffman of Trotwood, Ohio, shot the ball exceptionally well at the camp. She hit shots from the midrange, off the spot up and even hit shots off the drive.

Class of 2022 wing Imariah Russell of All Ohio is high energy prospect. She runs the court well and can affect the game in multiple areas.

Keep an eye on the development of class of 2020 forward/center Alexis Yarbrough of Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a strong rebounder and will battle with the best on the court.

We were impressed with class of 2020 wing Courtney Stewart of Amelia, Ohio. Her size and shooting ability make her an asset for any team. Add in the fact that she is willing to play within the framework of the offense and she becomes an asset on the court.

Class of 2022 guard Viviana Clayton of Cincinnati, Ohio, impressed us with her defensive IQ. She talked the action and was able to provide help and recover quickly.

Class of 2021 guard Caroline Clemmer of Brentwood, Tennessee, always catches our attention. She is a high energy player that makes plays on both ends of the court. At this camp she was particularly good at scoring the ball off the dribble.

Coach Hemi-100-100Jonathan Hemingway is the Assistant Director of Scouting for the JumpOffPlus.com International Scouting Report, is on the Naismith Trophy Board of Selectors and owns CoachHemi.com, the go-to source for coaches for X’s and O’s.  He is the floor director of #TeamEBA camps, a site director for #TeamPSB tournaments and can be reached at [email protected].