#BClayRecruiting: Ramsey Robledo – College Recruiting Player Profile


Name: Ramsey Robledo
Height: 5’11″
HS Grad Year: 2023
Position: SG
School / Hometown: Clark HS (Shavano Park, Texas)
Club Team: SA Hoops Elite

Player Evaluations:

Date: May 8, 2021
Location: Brandon Clay Training Shooting Sessions (Austin, Texas)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

After getting the weekend off to a great start with her work on Friday night, Robledo came right back paired with two elite members in the class nationally in Jenna Villa and Sammie Wagner. Robledo’s ability to go shot for shot with anyone in the group speaks to the work that she’s put in since our time together in 2020. Her smooth demeanor is perfect for a shooter as Robledo moves on to the next shot quickly.

Date: May 7, 2021
Location: Brandon Clay Training Friday Night Lights (Austin, Texas)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

Robledo’s game really jumps off the page in a smaller setting like this one. She has the qualities to truly be a do-it-all type at the guard spot. Robledo has the toolbox to both serve as a shot maker and a play creator in the right system. Her willingness to communicate will be a separator as she grows more comfortable in that role.

Date: June 2020
Location: Brandon Clay Training Academy (Austin, Texas)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

In our first evaluation of her game, Robledo caught our staff’s attention with her unique ability to do multiple things on the floor. She can catch to shoot, handle to pass and defend on the other end. While she might not have a specific single specialty, Robledo’s versatility makes her game special.

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