#BClayRecruiting: Madison Mckinnon – College Recruiting Player Profile


Name: Madison Mckinnon
Height: 5’8″
HS Grad Year: 2024
Position: PG / SG
School / Hometown: Alamo Heights HS (San Antonio, Texas)
Club Team: SA Hoops Elite

Player Evaluations:

Date: May 8, 2021
Location: Brandon Clay Training Shooting Sessions (Austin, Texas)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

McKinnon showed this weekend that she’s not afraid of the work we’ll put in to help grow her game. She’s a solid shooter already but has a slight hitch that reminds our staff of NBA Most Improved Player candidate Lonzo Ball this time a year ago. Like Ball, McKinnon has the work ethic to make the mechanics correction needed to get the ball up and out quickly and efficiently.

Date: May 7, 2021
Location: Brandon Clay Training Friday Night Lights (Austin, Texas)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

For our first time together in the gym, McKinnon was fantastic as a lot was thrown her game. It’s evident from the jump that she’s going to put the effort in to keep developing both her left hand on the point as well as her quarterbacking skills as a PG1. McKinnon has the range on her jump shot to be a threat out past the 3-point line based on what we saw here.

Date: April 2021
Location: Brandon Clay Filmroom

Evaluator: Brandon Clay

Mckinnon has the skill and background of a kid who understands how to play. She is a high academic option capable of making a shot while also running a team. McKinnon is a really good fit in almost any situation roster wise based on her style of play and high IQ.

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