TeamEBA Featured Player Evaluation: Griffin Dempsey — Dec. 26, 2012

Griffen Dempsey

Griffin Dempsey is our TeamEBA Feature Player for Dec. 26, 2012. *Photo by Ty Freeman

By: @ChrisHansenPSB 


Name: Griffin Dempsey – Grad Year: 2014
Location: Proctorville, Ohio – School: St. Joseph
Current Position: Point Guard – Project Position – Point Guard


Dempsey is one of those players, that because of her build, at 5 feet 6 inches, teams that don’t know better might overlook.  And when that happens this is a kid that will give them the business.  She’s got incredibly deep range and a quick trigger and what makes that strength so impressive is that she knows it.  Her shot is slotted in the homework help statistics same spot each and every attempt and she elevates well to get that extra distance on her range, several feet behind the 3-point line.  She’s also got some wiggle in her game and can break an ankle or two.  She’s a threat playing with the ball or off the ball because she has a high fundamental skill set that allows her to make plays with the pass, with the catch and shoot or off the bounce.

Griffin Dempsey

Griffen Dempsey brings range and a high level of skill to the floor. *Photo by Ty Freeman

Areas To Improve

Dempsey really needs to get is write my essay safe stronger because teams that do their homework won’t give her free looks and won’t put a below average defender on her if they can help it.  She needs to build that core strength to get separation from her denial defender and also to negate those instances where she has a real defensive stopper guarding her with the ball.  She has all the intangibles so finding ways to make up for physical deficiencies against the elite competition is her next step.

The Bottom Line

This is a smart player who knows how to run a team, get open off a screen and once open can stick the jumper from high cost of college education essay anywhere in the gym.  She plays with a small chip on her shoulder, giving her a little of that Kelsey Plum (2013-CA) edge.  She will be an overachiever at the next level because teams will defend her against the three and that is when her skills and smarts make her the most valuable.

#PeachStateTV analyst @BrandonClayPSB talks about Griffin Dempsey’s game


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