JumpOffPlus.com College Tour: Alabama Game Blog – Nov. 21, 2013

Alabama coach Kristy Curry will look to guide the Crimson Tide to their first victory in the 2013-14 season.*Courtesy of Alabama Athletics

Alabama coach Kristy need help to write my paper Curry will look to guide the Crimson Tide to their first victory in the 2013-14 season.
*Courtesy of Alabama Athletics

TUSCALOOSA – The Alabama Crimson Tide will battle the Wisconsin Badgers this evening. We’ll bring you an in-arena take with the game starting at 7:00 PM CST.

By: @BrandonClayPSB

7:02 pm – Jr. Guard Daisha Simmons looks like a high school kid but plays like a seasoned college veteran. Nice steal and finish here to start the game.

7:05 pm – Simmons with another steal but gets called for a charge. The Crimson Tide can ill afford her to get into foul trouble early.

7:09 pm – So. Forward Nikki Hegstetter is active here early with her play inside. She’s manning the post for coach Kristy Curry‘s team.

7:12 pm – So. Khadijah Carter finished a basket at the rim off of a loose ball. Hegstetter kept the ball alive off of the tip.

7:16 pm – Simmons with a smooth jumper off of the pick and roll. It’s very evident that this team will go as Simmons goes.

7:19 pm – Fr. Center Oceana Hamilton is skilled. She is capable of making a basket around the bucket. She just completed a nice reverse pivot and attacked the rim to her left side.

7:22 pm need help writing a compare and contrast essay – Carter with a nice 3-pointer out of the corner brings the score to 19 to 13 in Wisconsin’s favor.

7:24 pm – Fr. Ashley Williams is a tough cover on the interior. She just got fouled and is headed to the free throw line. After making both, Alabama is now pressing the ball full court.

7:26 pm – Another steal for Simmons though she couldn’t convert on the other end.

7:29 pm – Simmons second foul of the first half will create some opportunities. Right on cue, Hegstetter makes a nice pass from the post to So. Wing Emily Davis for a 3-pointer.

7:32 pm – Carter with another corner 3-pointer. Simmons checks back in with two fouls and 4:30 to go in the half.

7:35 pm – Fr. Guard Karyla Middlebrook with a big 3 of her own to close it 31-23 in favor of Wisconsin.

7:40 pm – Carter finishes a offensive rebound off of a Hamilton miss.

7:42 pm – Nice post feed from Davis to Williams and she converts the layup with an And1 free throw.

7:43 pm – Carter hits ANOTHER corner 3-pointer.

7:44 pm – Middlebrook with an offensive rebound and outback to close down the first half. Alabama has cut this game to 38-33 at the homework help for children half.

7:59 pm – Middlebrook starts the second half the same way she ended the first half – with a layup.

8:01 pm – Hegstetter gets a basket off a nice post feed from Simmons. 38-37 Wisconsin.

8:02 pm – Shoutout to Kallie Case from Alabama Softball and the UA Softball team for supporting their women’s basketball team.

8:04 pm – Carter heats right back up with a basket from 15 feet as the Crimson Tide take the lead 39-38.

8:12 pm – Middlebrook with a FT to make it 40-38.

8:16 pm – Williams attacks the rim off of the catch to finish with the layup. For the second time, she’ll get a chance to complete the three-point play.

8:18 pm – After a media timeout, Williams does just that making it 43-42 Alabama.

8:20 pm – Sr. Guard Shafontaye Myers joins the party with a 3-pointer of her own. Make it 46-42 Bama.

8:21 pm – Coach Kristy Curry with the call from the sideline to get the ball right back to Myers. She delivers with 3 more.

8:23 pm – Another nice post feed from Hegstetter to Williams for a left-handed finish. Alabama takes their biggest lead at 51-42.

8:25 pm – Williams with another basket this time on the graduate admission essay right side of the floor. 53-44 Bama.

8:28 pm – Williams is taking this game over. She just scored it again. 55-48 Bama.

8:33 pm – Simmons with two free throws makes it 57-50 Bama under four minutes remaining.

8:38 pm – Williams has 15 on the night after making two more free throws to make it 59-52 Alabama.

8:40 pm – Middlebrook with two free throws of her own as it sits at 61-57 with 2:15 to play.

8:42 pm – Williams with a kick out to Hegstetter for a 15 footer to make it 63-57.

8:45 pm – Simmons makes two free throws to stretch to 65-57.

8:48 pm – Uncharacteristically, Simmons misses two free throws but gets a steal in the front court to get the ball back. She calmly sinks two and they go up 68-62.

8:52 pm – Williams hits two free throws to seal the deal. 70-62 Alabama.

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