JumpOffPlus.com College Tour: Alabama Game Blog – December 2, 2014

Kristy Curry has Alabama off to a solid 5-3 start to begin the 2014-15 season.  *Courtesy of Alabama Athletics

Kristy Curry has Alabama off to a essay about student solid 5-3 start to begin the 2014-15 season.
*Courtesy of Alabama Athletics

TUSCALOOSA – Alabama coach Kristy Curry has her team off to a good start in the non-conference at 5-3 with wins over NCAA Tournament programs like Kansas on the resume. The Crimson Tide come the week with three games in six games including tonight’s matchup inside Foster Auditorium with USC-Upstate. We’ll give you a full breakdown of the game as we see it from Media Row.

By: @BrandonClayPSB

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18:00 – Fr. Wing Hannah Cook hits a 3-pointer to get the game going. 4 to 3 Upstate.

17:32 – Jr. Post Nikki Hegstetter gets a nice pass on a dive to the basket from Cook. 6 to 5 Upstate.

17:08 – So. Post Ashley Williams with an And1 finish. 8 to 8.

16:20 – Sr. Forward Briana Hutchen with a finish in the paint. 10 to 8 Alabama.

15:07 – Hutchen again with a tough finish in traffic on the right side. 12 to custom writing service com 10 Alabama.

14:22 – Cook with a pretty look off of the dribble at 17 feet. 14 to 10 Alabama.

Ed’s Note: Hannah Cook‘s Twitter Bio says “More than just a shooter.” Though I applaud her for that, if I could shoot like her it would be hard to get me to do anything else.

13:31 – Hegstetter with two free throws making it 16 to 10 Alabama.

13:09 – Williams with a layup at the basket. 18 to 10 Alabama.

8:30 – Hutchen with a pretty shot from the outside. 22 to 16 Alabama.

7:21 – Hutchen back at it from beyond the arc. 25 to 19 Alabama.

5:50 – Hegstetter with a long jump shot that goes. 27 to 19 Alabama.

3:59 – Fr. Guard Meo Knight attacks the rim to finish. 29 to 23 Upstate.

2:59 – Sr. Guard Sharin Rivers with two free throws. 31 to 23 Alabama.

2:27 – Hegstetter with two free throws making it 33 to 28 Alabama.

1:45 – Knight essay on social service drives again for two. 35 to 28 Alabama.

:35 – Hutchen with an offensive rebound and a putback at the rim. 38 to 30 Alabama.

:07 – Knight finishes off of the dribble attack again. 40 to 35 Alabama.

HALFTIME SCORE: 40 – 35 Alabama


19:27 – Williams makes a free throw to open the half. 41 to 35 Alabama.

18:50 – Cook makes one of two free throws. 42 to 38 Alabama.

18:00 – Fr. Forward Nene Bolton with a basket. 44 to 38 Alabama.

17:20 – Bolton hits the open 3-pointer. 47 to 41 Alabama.

16:47 – Hegstetter with a catch on the lob that she converts for two. 49 to 41 Alabama.

15:30 – Cook with another crisp jump shot. 51 to 41 Alabama.

14:15 – Hegstetter with the backdoor pass to Hutchen for a layup. 53 to 41 Bama.

12:25 – Hegstetter with a nice drop step to the rim. 55 to 41 Bama.

9:49 – Hutchen with four more custom writing services uk points on a 3-pointer and a free throw. 59 to 45 Bama.

8:45 – Hutchen is doing her best Kanye West impression going HAM in this one scoring once again. 61 to 45 Bama.

8:20 – Williams with another low post seal, catch and finish. 63 to 45 Bama.

4:30 – A couple of Bama free throws coupled with a Bolton 3-pointer and it’s 68 to 53 Crimson Tide.

3:27 – Hutchen sets a career high with 21 points by hitting two more free throws. 70 to 55 Bama.

1:14 – Knight with two free throws. 72 to 62 Bama.

FINAL SCORE: 74 – 65 Alabama

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