#BrandonClayScouting: BCS Top 40 Evals – March 12, 2020

Brandon Clay and his staff provided top notch training and exposure at the BCS Top 40 Camp. Photo – @lugardophotography

Mason Adams – Banks County (Homer, GA) – 2022

Adams is another quality option in the Banks County pipeline. As he develops his overall perimeter skill set, he’ll be able to give Banks good minutes at the forward spot. He’s a good athlete capable of making plays with his energy and athleticism.

Gavin Brown – Banks County (Homer, GA) – 2020

Brown has been one of my favorite kids to work with since a session held in his home high school gym over a year ago. His grittiness and toughness can’t be overlooked. Brown’s willingness to put in the late nights needed to get better translate both on the floor and in life as well.

Tyson Brown – Lovett (Atlanta, GA) – 2021

This was my first chance to work with Brown. His size and skill package give him a chance to make real noise next year as a senior. Brown has a fantastic disposition that allows him to take coaching well and immediately implement it into his game. The better Brown shoots it, the tougher it’ll be to matchup with him.

Christian Burnett – GMC (Milledgeville, GA) – 2023

Burnett was real smooth in this eval showcasing himself as a guard capable of putting the basketball in the bucket. In an era where it’s tough to find guys who can be shot makers instead of just shot takers, Burnett fits the bill.

Tony Carpio – Pinecrest Academy (GA) – 2022

Carpio has the interior size that teams at all levels covet these days. Add that to an emerging face up game and the next two years should see Carpio become a household name amongst schools throughout the region. He was able to rebound, run and defend as well. Continuing to get stronger will only aid his progression.

Larry Carswell II – Mountain View (Lawrenceville, GA) – 2020

Carswell II is just scratching the surface of his potential and is a guy whose best basketball is still ahead of him. In this elite setting, he showed a soft touch around the rim and was willing to play with contact on the inside. If Carswell II will keep working on his 10-15 foot jumper, then his game will level up yet again.

Creed Dunbar – Commerce (Commerce, GA) – 2021

Ever since our early evals on Dunbar, he’s been an athletic option on the perimeter. He’s added the ability to finish around the rim even in traffic. Next level, I predict much of Dunbar’s success will be predicated on his ability to knock down the open jumper on the penetrate / pitch.

Imre Earls – East Hall (Gainesville, GA) – 2021

Earls has been around our staff since he was a middle school prospect. He came in on Sunday like a seasoned veteran. In drill work, he was focused. Inside of game play, Earls was ready. As a result, he showed like the consistent perimeter option that he is. Being able to keep opposing defenses honest with his 3-pointer is a place for Earls to improve this summer.

Clay Gosnell – Banks County (Homer, GA) – 2021

Gosnell’s game has rounded out nicely since my first evaluation as a middle school prospect. I viewed him as a strong-framed college level point guard back then. This setting did nothing to take away from that train of thought. Can Gosnell force opposing defenses to stay honest with his outside shot?

Jayden Gudz – Buford (Buford, GA) – 2023

One of the few freshman in attendance, Gudz was on point with his skill set competing against some of the premier players in the state. He’s still filling out physically but has the handle and jumper to be effective. Gudz plays the game with passion earning high marks from our National Skill Development Director, Sean “Sticks” Smith in the process.

Chase Hatcher – Banks County (Homer, GA) – 2021

The opportunity for Hatcher to be a key piece going forward next season seemed to be motivation enough to be in the mix here. He’s got a solid foundation skill wise and seems well positioned to give Banks solid minutes in a run back to the state tourney. If Hatcher can stretch the floor with the catch and shoot 3-pointer, he gives Ryan Griffin yet another perimeter weapon to deploy.