#BClayRecruiting: Adelaide Jernigan – College Recruiting Player Profile


Name: Adelaide Jernigan
Height: 5’10″
HS Grad Year: 2025
Position: SG / PG
School / Hometown: Bishop McGuinness (Winston Salem, North Carolina)
Club Team: Winston Salem Stealers

Player Evaluations:

Date: February 21, 2021
Location: Brandon Clay Training Academy 
(Atlanta, GA)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

Like Howard, Jernigan seems to be growing up in a hurry. The last time we trained back in the early winter, Jernigan was building the consistency in both her catch and shoot footwork and her follow through. 60 days later, the growth was evident as she starts to ramp up her preparation for the high school level next season.

Date: November 27, 2020
Location: Brandon Clay Training Academy (Winston-Salem, North Carolina)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

The mechanics on Jernigan’s shot were much improved from our training session earlier in the month. There were multiple racks of 10 shots a piece where she was making nine if not all 10 of her shots. For a prospect still in middle school, that bodes well for Jernigan’s future. Like Childress, Jernigan can continue to look for her shot inside of competition more as time goes on.

Date: October 2020
Location: Brandon Clay Training Academy (Winston Salem, NC)
Evaluator: Brandon Clay

In a long line of quality backcourt play to emerge from the area, Jernigan appears to have next up. She’s still growing into her body and game playing with prospects three to four years her senior here. Jernigan’s ability to shoot the 3-pointer with a consistent 2-handed, one second followthrough is the next step in her development. The talent and work ethic both seem to be in place for her to be successful as time goes on.

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