JumpOffPlus.com Retro Rewind: Who is Natalie Achonwa – June 4, 2009

Before the two national title game appearances with Notre Dame, we introduced our readers to Natalie Achonwa.*Courtesy of ND Athletics

Before the free online help with homework two national title game appearances with Notre Dame, we introduced our readers to Natalie Achonwa.
*Courtesy of ND Athletics

Editor’s Note: “Retro Rewind” is designed to provide our readers with a look back at current collegiate or professional players when they were high school prospects.

By: @BrandonClayPSB

Natalie Achonwa might be the best the Class of 2010 prospect in Canada. For the casual fans who have not heard about her, it’s only because she doesn’t get the chance to come across the border much to showcase her game in the United States. However, for at least four years starting with the 2010-2011 college basketball season, it appears that the 6-foot-2 forward will have her talent on display for the entire world to see time and time again.

In preparation for making a final school decision, Achonwa has free homework help online cut her potential list of schools as she prepares for the summer time and possible official visits this fall.

“I am still considering [in no particular order] Louisville, Maryland, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Oklahoma [Ed’s Note: Achonwa is down to two schools, Louisville and Notre Dame]. All five either have or are quickly developing a reputation for producing both championship caliber teams and pro players as well,” said Achonwa. “I think that’s the hardest part is that all of the coaches and the programs are so great. On paper, I can’t go wrong with whatever decision I make.”

A true forward as she can play either the small or power forward, Achonwa’s development to this point differs vastly than that of most American high school players as she attends the Canada based National Elite Developmental Academy. Her current skill set is much help with my essay writing more advanced than players of her physical build and athleticism in the states.

“The goal of the academy is to take players who could potentially represent our country on the Senior National Team and have them receive both a quality education and daily training. We go to school in the morning and train everyday for between two to three hours in the afternoon,” said Achonwa. “It has definitely helped my game overall because I get good reps in everyday plus the academic piece. We play a very good school schedule as we try to get to the states as much as possible to play the best teams that we can.”

This summer, Achonwa is honing her game on at least one team with the Canadian National Team program.

“I am actually trying out for the Canadian Senior National Team this week (May 26-29) and help with homework online chat am the youngest involved as most of the players are between the ages of 21-27. When I received the news, I was ecstatic,” said Achonwa. “That’s been a goal of mine since I started training at the Academy. If I am not selected, I will play with the Junior National Team at the U19 World Championships in Thailand so I’ll be busy this summer either way trying to get ready for the next level.”

When asked about the Senior National Team tryouts to this point, Achonwa answered, “The tryouts have been intense so far. I feel that playing with such experienced and older athletes will help develop me into so much of a better player and it just reminds me why I love the game. It is great to compete and get up the court with this level of players.”

Once the National homework pay Team schedule comes to a close, Natalie has a plan in place to continue her improvement.

“Since I play on multiple teams in the summer my offseason is only about a three to four weeks long (late August, early September). My plan is to do more of an off-court training to increase my leg strength, speed, and vertical leap,” said Achonwa.

With her skill and determination, it appears that women’s basketball fans will not have to ask who Natalie Achonwa is much longer.

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