JumpOffPlus.com College Tour: Texas A&M Game Blog – November 30, 2014

Texas A&M hosted Duke in a marquee matchup of Top Ten programs. We bring our take directly from the floor.  *Brandon Clay / @BrandonClayPSB

Texas A&M hosted Duke essay on nature vs nurture in a marquee matchup of Top Ten programs. We bring our take directly from the floor.
*Brandon Clay / @BrandonClayPSB

COLLEGE STATION, TexasTexas A&M is ranked No. 7 coming into this marquee non-conference matchup with No. 8 Duke. As the Aggies attempt to protect their house inside Reed Arena, we’ll provide you a court side take on the game and the players in it.

By: @BrandonClayPSB

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18:40 – Jr. Wing Courtney Williams gets the Aggies on the board with a tough 10 foot pull up jump shot. 2 to 2.

16:55 – Jr. Guard Courtney Walker gets on the board with two free throws. 5 to 4 Duke.

16:28 – Jr. Guard Jordan Jones hits a foul line jump shot in transition. 6 to 5 Texas A&M.

Ed’s Note: I watched those in person three go crazy against Tennessee in the SEC Championship last spring. All three were ELITE 25 caliber prospects by the JumpOffPlus.com International Scouting Report in the class of 2012. I’m expecting more of the same today.

14:55 – Walker with a tough finish at the rim. 8 to 8 ball game.

13:30 – Williams elevates for another mid range jump shot. She shoots that shot as well as any wing in the college game today. 11 to 10 Duke.

12:35 – Walker can flat out score essay my life 20 years from now the basketball. This time, its a dribble attack on the baseline for two. 13 to 12 Duke.

10:23 – Williams is back at it with another mid range. Elite Basketball Academy Co-Lead Trainer, Christian Simmons, said Williams is the best mid range college shooter in the women’s game last March. 19 to 14 Duke

9:08 – Williams again. She’s an extremely tough matchup. 21 to 16 Duke.

8:00 – A nice dish from Walker to Fr. Post Khaalia Hillsman for the basket. 24 to 17 Duke.

Ed’s Note: Shoutout to men’s assistant coach Amir Abdur-Rahim for spending a minute with me while supporting the women’s program on a busy day as they prepare for an upcoming game.

6:30 – Walker’s footwork off of the one bounce pull up is slick. She hits another shot making it 24 to 19 Duke.

6:04 – Williams with ANOTHER mid range knock down. That said coach Gary Blair is not happy with his team’s play. It’s written all over his face. 29 to 21 Duke.

Ed’s Note: Texas A&M ends the half on a 6 minute scoring drought. This is a rarity for a high octane A&M offense but definitely not something they can afford in the second half.



17:58 – Williams with a layup but missed the ensuing free throw. 33 to 23 Duke.

17:10 essay on career in service industry Williams with another basket and the crowd erupts. They are trying to get involved in this one. 33 to 25 Duke.

16:11 – Jr. Post Rachel Mitchell gets into the action with a nice catch and finish at the rim. 35 to 27 Duke.

14:26 – Williams gets all the way to the rim for a score. 40 to 30 Duke.

11:25 – Sr. Forward Achiri Ade hits two free throws. 45 to 32 Duke.

10:58 – Walker right back at em with a finish in transition. 45 to 34 Duke.

10:32 – Two free throws for Jones and this is a game once again. 45 to 36 Duke.

10:12 – Walker scored in transition so quickly that I almost blinked and missed it. 45 to 38 Duke.

10:00 – Williams with a floater in the paint. Reed Arena is as loud as any gym I’ve been to on the tour so this season. 47 to 40 Duke.

8:35 – Jones finds Hillsman with a slick pocket pass for a basket. 47 to 42 Duke.

8:13 – Jones hits the wide open 3-pointer and it just got louder. 49 to 45 Duke.

7:15 – Jones off of a nice pass from Williams. 49 to 47 Duke.

6:40 – Walker hits a MEAN baseline jump shot. That one was Kobe-esque. She hit a jump shot that was almost indentical in essay my hometown kedah the Tennessee game last year. 49 to 49 all.

5:40 – So. Post Jada Terry hits one out of two free throws to cut the deficit to one. 51 to 50 Duke.

Ed’s Note: What an amazing atmosphere for a game. This place is rocking. It’s a true home court advantage. There can’t be 10 schools in the country with this crowd noise.

5:08 – Williams’ finish gives A&M their first lead of the game. 52 to 51 Aggies.

4:35 – After Walker with a 3-pointer and A&M is back on top. 55 to 53 A&M.

3:55 – Williams finds Terry for a layup. 57 to 55 A&M.

2:15 – A possession full of good ball movement results in a pull up jump shot for Jones. 59 to 55 A&M.

1:10 – Williams once again with a mid range jump shot. Count it. 61 to 57 A&M

9:7 – Walker hits two free throws that will effectively end this one. 63 to 57 A&M.

FINAL SCORE: 63 – 59 Texas A&M

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