July 23-25, 2016 – #PSBSummerInvite


With over 20,000 collective followers on our team’s social media outlets, we’re in a unique position to assist with both creating awareness of a prospect’s skill set and recent on-floor performance. From crisp recruiting updates to updated in-season stats to a potential last-minute change in schedule that needs to be conveyed socially, this package allows the player to control the information available to the public about their game.

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The #PSBSummerInvite will feature the country’s top teams squaring off the begin the second half of the July evaluation period. Each team will play in front of numerous college scouts, against great competition and get high quality exposure before the July period ends.

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Brandon Clay:
Chris Hansen:
Jonathan Hemingway:
Keil Moore:
Kris Watkins:

Age Groups: Rising Sr., Jr., Soph., Fr., 8th, 7th

Cost & Online Registration:
PSB Summer Invitational Online Registration

Colleges in Attendance at the 2015 #PSBSummerInvite :


2016 Committed Programs:

Alabama Southern Starz Bush Jr.
Alabama Southern Starz Gafford Jr.
Alabama Southern Starz Looney So.
Alabama Southern Starz Harris So.
Alabama Southern Starz Bush Fr.
Alabama Southern Starz Harrison Fr.
Alabama Southern Starz 8th
Alabama Southern Starz 7th
Alabama Southern Starz 6th
Alabama Twisters
All-Alabama Fr.
All-Ohio Black Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily
All-Ohio So. EYBL #PSBFamily
All-Ohio XPress So.
Arkansas Banshees Jr.
Arkansas Banshees So.
Arkansas Banshees Fr.
Arkansas Banshees 8th
Arkansas Banshees 7th
Best Choice United National Jr. #PSBFamily
Best Choice United White Jr. #PSBFamily
Boca Raton Thunder Jr.
Boca Raton Thunder 8th
Books and Basketball Academy Jr. (PA)
Books and Basketball Academy So. (PA)
Boo Williams Gold Jr. #PSBFamily (VA)
British Columbia Elite Gauntlet Jr. #PSBFamily
British Columbia Elite Fr.
Canton Flames 8th (GA)
Carolina All-Stars Norwood Jr. #PSBFamily
Carolina All-Stars Morris Fr.
Carolina Flames Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily
Carolina Flames So. EYBL #PSBFamily
Carolina Flames Fr.
Carolina Flames Richardson Jr.
Carolina Flames Richardson So.
Central Florida Elite Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily
Central Florida Elite Jr. Select
Central Florida Elite So. EYBL #PSBFamily
Central Florida Elite So. Select
Central Florida Elite 8th Black
CFE Osceola Jr.
CFE Osceola 8th
Central PA Dynamite So.
Cincy’s Finest Starks So.
Cincy’s Finest Williams Fr.
Cross-Over Hoops Premier Archie Jr. #PSBFamily (VA)
Cross-Over Hoops Premier Jr. (VA)
Cross-Over Hoops Premier So. (VA)
Cy-Fair Premier Blue Jr. (TX)
Cy-Fair Premier White Jr. (TX)
Cy-Fair Premier AC Jr. (TX)
Della Lamb Gauntlet National Jr. (MO)
Della Lamb Gauntlet Elite So. (MO)
ECBA Swish Black Adams Jr. (WA)
ECBA Swish Black Hines So. (WA)
E.O.T.O. White Fr. #PSBFamily (GA)
Florida Future Elite Jr. #PSBFamily
Florida Future Elite So. #PSBFamily
Fresno Lady Heat Jr. (CA) (NEED NCAA!)
Fresno Lady Heat Fr. (CA) (NEED NCAA!)
Fresno Lady Heat 8th (CA) (NEED NCAA!)
GBL Team Candace Parker Elite Jr. (CA)
GBL Team Candace Parker National Jr. (CA)
GBL Team Candace Parker Gold So. (CA)
Georgia Hoopstars Black Elite
Georgia Hoopstars Black Select
Georgia Red Storm Jr. #PSBFamily
Idaho Hoop Dreams Jr.
Indy Gym Lady Rats Silver EYBL Jr. #PSBFamily
Indy Gym Lady Rats Crimson Elite Fr.
KC Future 7th
Kentucky Premier Trumm 8th
L.O.D. Jr. #PSBFamily
Maryland Pride Jr. (NEED NCAA!)
Midwest Takeover Jr. (OH)
Midwest Takeover So. (OH)
Midwest Takeover Fr. (OH)
Missouri Phenom Napheesa Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily
Missouri Phenom Gray Jr.
Missouri Phenom Black
Missouri Phenom Miller
Missouri Phenom White
Nautilus Express Jr. #PSBFamily
New Jersey Sparks Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily
New Jersey Sparks Red Jr.
New Jersey Sparks So. EYBL #PSBFamily
New Jersey Sparks 8th
New Mexico Clippers Fr.
North Augusta Lady Lightning Jr.
Northside Swarm Sr.
Ohio Lady Hoopsters 8th
Palm Beach Gardens Starzz Jr.
Palm Beach Gardens Starzz So.
Phenom YES Fanatics Jr. (MO)
Philly Elite Fr.
San Antonio’s Finest Cee Lou Jr.
San Antonio’s Finest Tay Bo Jr.
San Antonio’s Finest Team Mirez So.
Sno-Peak ICE 8th (WA)
So Cal Select Jr.
So Cal Select Valley Elite Jr.
South Florida Fastbreak Black Jr.
Tampa Thunder Team Dupree Jr.
Tampa Thunder Select Jr.
Tampa Thunder Quigley Jr.
Tampa Thunder Reed So.
Tampa Thunder Castillo So.
Tampa Thunder Bartram Fr.
Tampa Thunder Crawford Fr. (NEED NCAA!)
Tampa Thunder Flores 8th
Tallahassee Storm Jr.
Team Elite Hubbard So. EYBL #PSBFamily
Team Fusion Elect Jr.
Team MVP Black Jr.
Team MVP Hill Jr.
Team MVP Swan 8th
Team Takeover Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily (DMV)
Tennessee Lady Trotters So.
Tennessee Select Jr.
Tennessee Team Pride Black Jr.
Toledo Thunder Black Jr. #PSBFamily
Toledo Thunder Grey Jr. #PSBFamily
Toledo Thunder Pettaway Jr. #PSBFamily
Toledo Thunder 8th
Urban Heroes Elite Alexander Jr.
Urban Heroes Elite Roberts Jr.
Urban Heroes Elite Walker Jr.
Urban Heroes Elite DJ 8th
West Michigan Drive Jr.
Western PA Bruins Cash Jr. #PSBFamily
Western PA Bruins Zeise Jr. #PSBFamily
Western PA Bruins Tate So. #PSBFamily
West Virginia Thunder Johnson Jr. #PSBFamily
West Virginia Thunder Gold Jr. #PSBFamily
West Virginia Thunder Blue So. #PSBFamily
West Virginia Thunder Navy So. #PSBFamily
West Virginia Thunder Grey Fr.
West Virginia Thunder White 8th

Roster Form:

Coaches, we need accurate rosters (numbers/addresses) for both coaches & our JumpOffPlus.com evaluators to send out EBA Camp Invites: *Please download, fill in, save and email back to me at BrandonClay@PeachStateBasketball.com: Travel Team Roster Form


Doors Open: 30 minutes before the start of the first game

Tournament Playing Rules:

***All college and team coaches need to check in at Lake Point before attending their first game. Doors will open at 8:00 am on the 23rd for college / team coaches.


1) Lake Point Sports Complex: Indoor Facility – 261 Stars Way – Cartersville, GA 30121

Note: Spectator and Team Parking

Lake Point charges $5 per vehicle per day to park on the premises. You can go in and out during the day at no charge. Please plan accordingly.

Latest Schedule Update: July 23rd at 8:20 am EST (Please check nightly for updates).




Game Times:

Day One: 8:30 am – 11 pm
Day Two: 8:30 am – 11 pm
Day Three: 8:30 am – 7:30 pm

23rd and 24th General Admission (teams will play two games each day):

Ages 18 and older – $20.00 each day, Ages 6 – 17 – $5.00 each day; Kids – 5 and under free

25th General Admission (teams will play one game):

Ages 18 and older – $15.00, Ages 6 – 17 – $5.00 each day; Kids – 5 and under free


***This is a Stay-And-Play event. All teams MUST use Experient for rooming blocks in eligible to be able to play.

***Send an email to LakePointGroups@experient-inc.com for assistance.

Email: LakePointGroups@experient-inc.com
International: 240-439-2653
Domestic: 888-769-7860

NCAA Education Sessions:

All teams must attend an NCAA Education Session. There will be three sessionson the 23rd – 2 pm, 5 pm and 8 pm. Gather in the lobby 10 mins prior to the session.

NCAA Team Registration:

All travel teams taking part in the Tip-Off Classic MUST register their coaches and players with the NCAA here and opt-in to the event from here as well: NCAA Team Registration

NCAA Coaches Certification: Must be completed EACH YEAR for ALL coaches

The entire process must be completed online and can be accessed through the following link:

Verified Volunteers Background Check: CLICK HERE

NCAA Eligibility Coaches Educational Course: CLICK HERE

Directions on how to complete the certification process for the coaches can be found at: CLICK HERE

ProspectsNation.com Team Coverage:

(Click the link to read the coverage)

Summer Invitational ’14 — Day One – July 24, 2014 – Stephen Peck and Jonathan Hemingway

Summer Invitational ’14 — Day Two – July 25, 2014 – Stephen Peck and Jonathan Hemingway

Summer Invitational ’14 — Day Three – July 26, 2014 – Jonathan Hemingway

All-Ohio Completes Comeback – July 25, 2013 – Jonathan Hemingway

Were Kea’s 29 Enough? – July 24, 2013 – Jonathan Hemingway

Summer Invitational Day One – July 23, 2013 – Jonathan Hemingway

Summer Invitational Webcasts – July 23-25, 2013 – ProspectsNationTV

Note: College Coach Parking

Lake Point charges $5 per car per day to park on the premises. You can go in and out during the day at no charge.

College Coach Packets:

*We can accept credit card purchases via PayPal up to 72 hours before the event. Please email BrandonClay@PeachStateBasketball.com for an invoice. There will be a 3% processing fee added to the invoice.

$595 for Division I JumpOffPlus.com International Report non-subscribers.
$525 for Division I JumpOffPlus.com International Report subscribers
$245 for Division II, III, NAIA and JUCO non-subscribers
$195 for Division II, III, NAIA and JUCO subscribers

Packets will be available an hour before the start of the event. Any college entering without a packet will be charged $495.