July 21-22, 2020 – #BCSSummerInvite

With over 50,000 collective followers on our team’s social media outlets, we’re in a unique position to assist with both creating awareness of a prospect’s skill set and recent on-floor performance. From crisp recruiting updates to updated in-season stats to a potential last-minute change in schedule that needs to be conveyed socially, this package allows the player to control the information available to the public about their game.

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The #PSBSummerInvite will feature the country’s top teams squaring off the begin the second half of the July evaluation period. Each team will play in front of numerous college scouts, against great competition and get high quality exposure before the July period ends.

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Brandon Clay:
Chris Hansen:
Jonathan Hemingway:
Keil Moore:
Kris Watkins:

Age Groups: Rising Sr., Jr., Soph., Fr., 8th, 7th

Cost & Online Registration:

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PSB Summer Invitational Online Registration

ATC Coverage:

Any player needing to be taped for any reason other than an in-game injury occurring onsite during the event will need to bring their own ankle tape and/or pre-wrap with them!

Event Schedule: 2019 PSBSummerInvite Schedule

***All college and team coaches need to check in at Lake Point before attending their first game. Doors will open at 7:45 am on the 21st for college coaches and at 8:00 am for travel team coaches.


1) Lake Point Sports Complex: Indoor Facility – 261 Stars Way – Cartersville, GA 30121

2020 Participating Programs:

AD Elite Peterson PSB Jr. (Texas)
AD Elite 8th (Texas)
Alabama Southern Starz Veal PSB Jr.
Alabama Southern Starz Veal PSB Fr.
All-In adidas Kuzmanic Jr. (Illinois)
All-In adidas Truding Jr. (Illinois)
All-In adidas Schoenbeck Jr. (Illinois)
All-In adidas Kahleaf So. (Illinois)
All-Ohio EYBL PSB Jr.
All-Ohio Nike PSB Fr.
All-Ohio EYBL PSB So.
All-Ohio Nike PSB Fr.
Atlanta Select Red Jr.
Atlanta Select Platinum So.
Atlanta Select Silver 8th
Arkansas Mavericks Rogers adidas So.
Arkansas Sting Silver Jr.
Arkansas Sting White Fr.
Banshees UAA Jr.
Banshees 2020 Jr.
Banshees UAA So.
Banshees UAA Fr.
Banshees Future 8th
Banshees 2024 7th
BD Thunder Blue Jr. (Florida)
BD Thunder White Jr. (Florida)
BD Thunder So. (Florida)
BD Thunder 8th (Florida)
Books and Basketball Platinum adidas PSB Jr.
Books and Basketball Gold PSB Jr. (New Jersey)
Books and Basketball Gold PSB So. (New Jersey)
Books and Basketball Elite PSB Fr. (New Jersey)
Carolina Waves West PSB Jr.
Central Florida Elite EYBL PSB Jr.
Central Florida Elite Black PSB Jr.
Central Florida Elite EYBL PSB So.
Central Florida Elite Nike PSB Fr.
Central Florida Elite 8th
College Park Rim Rockers Jr.
Example Sports Wolfpack Jr.
Example Sports Fr.
GBL Team Derek Fisher National adidas PSB Jr. (California)
Hoopdreams adidas PSB Jr. (Florida)
Hoopdreams adidas PSB So. (Florida)
Hoopdreams 8th (Florida)
Indiana Swish Trosper adidas Jr.
JHS Jr. (GA)
Killeen Cougars Jr.
Michigan Storm UAA PSB Jr.
Michigan Storm UAA PSB So.
Michigan Storm UAA PSB Fr.
New Jersey Sparks Hines-Allen EYBL PSB Jr.
New Jersey Sparks Muldrow EYBL PSB So.
New Jersey Sparks 7th
NM Clippers Jr.
NM Clippers Red Jr.
NM Clippers White Jr.
North GA Lady Vols (GA) 8th
Northwest Blazers Heat adidas Jr.
Northwest Blazers Orange adidas Jr.
Northwest Blazers Fire adidas Jr.
Northwest Blazers Sparks adidas Jr.
Northwest Blazers Sun adidas So.
Ohio Elite Black Jr.
Ohio Elite Purple So.
Sky Diggs Sullivan PSB UAA Jr.
Team Elite Hubbard EYBL PSB Jr.
Team Elite Hubbard EYBL PSB So.
Team Fusion Elect Jr.
Team Fusion Elect NM/TX So.
Tennessee Force Elite Jr.
Texas U. UAA Jr.
Texas U. Rise Black Jr.
Texas U. Jr.
The Truth Black Jr. (Illinois)
The Truth Silver So. (Illinois)
TN Lady Ice So.
Upward Stars Riverfront Fr.
Upward Stars Riverfront 8th
West Texas Blazers Jr.
WI Flight Elite UAA PSB Jr.
WI Flight Elite UAA PSB So.
WI Flight Elite UAA PSB Fr.
Wilkes Hoop Group So.
Wilkes Hoop Group Fr.


Doors Open: 30 minutes before the start of the first game

Tournament Playing Rules:

Note: Spectator and Team Parking

Lake Point charges $5 per vehicle per day to park on the premises. You can go in and out during the day at no charge. Please plan accordingly.

Game Times:

Day One: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm
Day Two: 8:30 am – 10:30 pm

23rd and 24th Daily General Admission (unless requested by team coaches, ALL teams will play two games each day):

Ages 18 and older – $20.00 each day, Ages 6 – 17 – $5.00 each day; Kids – 5 and under free


***This is a Stay-And-Play event, all teams MUST use Connections Housing to remain eligible to play.

Lakepoint email: Lakepoint@connectionshousing.com

Office number: 404-842-0000

Click here to book your rooms!

NCAA Team Registration:

All travel teams taking part in the Summer Invitational MUST register their coaches and players with the NCAA here and opt-in to the event from here as well: NCAA Team Registration

NCAA / USAB Coaches & Team Certification: Must be completed EACH YEAR for ALL coaches

USAB Gold License link: www.usab.com/ncaalicense

NCAA ECAG Manual: http://www.ncaa.org/enforcement/basketball-certification/basketball-certification?division=d1

NCAA Athlete Registration:

REGISTER HERE: https://BBCS.ncaa.org

Note: College Coach Parking

Lake Point charges $5 per car per day to park on the premises. You can go in and out during the day at no charge.

College Coach Packets:


*We can accept credit card purchases via PayPal up to 72 hours before the event. Please email BrandonClay@PeachStateBasketball.com for an invoice. There will be a 3% processing fee added to the invoice. Any refund requests after payment is made will be assessed a $50 processing fee.

$695 for Division I colleges
$245 for Division II, III, NAIA and JUCO colleges

Division One: Additional coach entry will be $150 for the second coach, $95 for each one after.
DII / DIII / NAIA / JUCO: Additional coach entry is $95 for the second, $50 for each after.

Packets will be available an hour before the start of the event. Any college entering without a packet will be charged $595.