July 9, 2016 – #PSBRealDeal Shootout


With over 20,000 collective followers on our team’s social media outlets, we’re in a unique position to assist with both creating awareness of a prospect’s skill set and recent on-floor performance. From crisp recruiting updates to updated in-season stats to a potential last-minute change in schedule that needs to be conveyed socially, this package allows the player to control the information available to the public about their game.

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Learn All About Our Tournament Series & Vision:

Teams will be able to compete in a two-game shootout on the 9th only or a tournament Real Deal in the ‘Ville Tournament on the 8th and the 9th.

The Real Deal in the ‘Ville Shootout will be one of the premier July events nationwide. Over 115 colleges and universities attended this event in 2014. With the event held in the metro Nashville area, the shootout will continue to field some of the country’s best teams to compete the day before during the first ten days of the July evaluation period. Don’t let your team miss out on a great way to begin the summer.

Social Media Hashtag: #PSBRealDeal


1) Lebanon HS – 500 Blue Devil Boulevard, Lebanon, TN 37087
2) Wilson Central HS – 419 Wildcat Way, Lebanon, TN 37090
3) Cumberland University – One Cumberland Square, Lebanon, TN 37087

Age Groups:

Rising Sr., Jr., Soph., Fr., 8th, 7th

Real Deal in the ‘Ville Colleges in Attendance:

July 8-9 Programs:

Baton Rouge Lady Tigers Fr.
Carolina All Stars So.
Carolina Express Jr. #PSBFamily
Carolina Flames Richardson Jr.
Carolina Flames Richardson So.
Carolina Hoopzters So.
Carolina Hoopzters 8th
Castle National Jr. (NEED ROSTER!)
Central Florida Elite Jr. EYBL #PSBFamily
Central Florida Elite Jr. Select
Central Florida Elite So. EYBL #PSBFamily
Central Florida Elite So. Select
Dayton Lady Hoopstars Elite Jr.
E.O.T.O. White #PSBFamily
E.O.T.O. Black #PSBFamily
Florida Lightning Prime So. #PSBFamily
Florida Lightning Select Jr. #PSBFamily
Georgia Hoopstars Black Elite Jr. #PSBFamily
Georgia Hoopstars Black Select Jr. #PSBFamily
Greensboro Lady Gaters Fr.
Indy Lady Gym Rats Silver EYBL Jr. #PSBFamily
Indy Lady Gym Rats Gold EYBL So. #PSBFamily
Indy Lady Gym Rats Navy Premier Jr.
Indy Lady Gym Rats Red Premier So.
KC Future 7th
L.O.D. Jr. #PSBFamily
Louisiana’s Finest Jr.
Miami Suns 8th
Miami Suns Red So.
Miami Suns Gold Jr.
Miami Suns Indigo Jr.
New York Gauchos #PSBFamily Jr.
New York Gauchos #PSBFamily So.
New York Gauchos #PSBFamily Fr.
South Mississippi Elite Black #PSBFamily
South Mississippi Elite White #PSBFamily
Tampa Thunder Select Jr.(NEED ROSTER!)
Tampa Thunder Quigley Jr.
Team MVP Black Jr. (FL)
Team MVP Hill Jr. (FL)
Team Takeover EYBL So. #PSBFamily (DMV)
Team Takeover Fr.
Tennessee Team Pride Fr.

July 9th Programs:

Alabama Southern Starz Jr.
Alabama Southern Starz So.
Alabama Southern Starz Fr.
Best Choice United National #PSBFamily (IN) (NEED ROSTER!) (NEED NCAA!)
Best Choice United White #PSBFamily (IN)(NEED ROSTER!) (NEED NCAA!)
Carolina All Stars Bond #PSBFamily(NEED ROSTER!)
Cincinnati Angels Jr. (NEED ROSTER!) (NEED NCAA!)
Cincinnati Angels So. (NEED ROSTER!) (NEED NCAA!)
Dayton Metro So.
FBC Motton (GA) Jr. #PSBFamily (NEED NCAA!)
FBC United Hunt Jr. (TN) #PSBFamily
Georgia Pearls National Jr. #PSBFamily
Georgia Pearls 2017 Jr.
Georgia Pearls So. #PSBFamily
Georgia Pearls 8th
Georgia Pearls 7th
Exodus NYC / Epiphanny Prince Elite EYBL Jr. #PSBFamily (NEED ROSTER!)
Exodus NYC / Epiphanny Prince Elite EYBL So. #PSBFamily (NEED ROSTER!)
Exodus NYC Gold Fr. (NEED ROSTER!)
Florida Future Elite Jr. #PSBFamily
Florida Future Elite So. #PSBFamily
Indiana Faith Patburg Jr.
KY Legacy Elite Jr. (NEED NCAA!)
Missouri Phenom EYBL Jr. #PSBFamily (NEED ROSTER!)
Missouri Phenom EYBL So. #PSBFamily (NEED ROSTER!)
Missouri Phenom Gray Jr. #PSBFamily (NEED ROSTER!)
Piedmont Lady Vipers Jr.
Tampa Thunder Castillo So. (NEED ROSTER!)
Tampa Thunder Flores 8th
Sky Diggs Elite Huffman Jr.
Sky Diggs Elite Sullivan Jr. #PSBFamily
Sky Diggs Elite Sullivan So. #PSBFamily
Toledo Thunder Jr. #PSBFamily (OH) (NEED ROSTER!)
We Got Next Silver Jr. #PSBFamily (OH) (NEED ROSTER!)
WPA Bruins Dibble
WPA Bruins Murray

Cost and Online Registration can be found here:

TeamPSB Real Deal in the ‘Ville Shootout Online Registration

All teams must attend a MANDATORY NCAA Educational Session on the 9th
at Wilson Central HS.

Session times: 11 am, 2 pm, 5 pm

Roster Form:

Coaches, we need accurate rosters (numbers/addresses) for both coaches & our JumpOffPlus.com evaluators to send out EBA Camp Invites: *Please download, fill in, save and email back to me at BrandonClay@PeachStateBasketball.com: Travel Team Roster Form

#AnyGymIsHome Event Shirts: Available ONLY at Wilson Central

NCAA Coaches Certification:

All individuals who engage in coaching activities at an NCAA-certified basketball event must be approved through the NCAA Coaches’ Approval Process. The entire process must be completed online and can be accessed through the following link: *All bench coaches must be certified. No exceptions

July 8th Admission:

Ages 18 and older – $15.00, Ages 6 -17 – $5.00; Kids – 5 & under free

July 9th Admission:

Ages 18 and older – $20.00, Ages 6 -17 – $5.00; Kids – 5 & under free

Tournament Playing Rules:

***ALL TEAM COACHES MUST check-in at Wilson Central HS BEFORE their first game!!! No exceptions. Coaches will be charged regular admission at all venues without a wristband.

PSBRealDeal Session I / Shootout Schedule: Updated July 7th

PSBRealDeal Session I / Shootout Schedule: Updated July 6th

Doors Open:

30 minutes before the start of the first game


As a condition of acceptance to the tournament all teams traveling from 100 miles or greater to attend the Real Deal in the Ville are required to book lodging accommodations with one of our many supportive partners through our housing partner T3 Travel.

Click here to book your teams lodging

ProspectsNation.com Team Coverage:

(Click the link to read the coverage)

Recap: Real Deal Shootout 2014 – July 12, 2014 – Jonathan Hemingway

Real Deal In The ‘Ville Day One – July 8, 2013 – Brandon Clay

Real Deal In The ‘Ville Day Two – July 9, 2013 – Brandon Clay

College Coach Packets: (Includes Real Deal Session I and Shootout)

*We can accept credit card purchases via PayPal up to 72 hours before the event. Please email BrandonClay@PeachStateBasketball.com for an invoice. There will be a 3% processing fee added to the invoice. Pre-paid packets can be picked up at Wilson Central HS.
***All coaches packets purchased onsite need to be paid for at Wilson Central HS. Doors will open an hour before the first game for purchase.

$495 for Division I JumpOffPlus.com International Report non-subscribers.
$445 for Division I Senior Class/Platinum/Platinum Plus subscribers
$395 for Division I ELITE/International subscribers
$345 for Division I BrandonClayScouting.com Super ELITE subscribers
$245 for Division II, III, NAIA and JUCO non-subscribers
$195 for Division II, III, NAIA and JUCO subscribers

Packets will be available an hour before the start of the event. Any college entering without a packet will be charged $395.