BrandonClayScouting: 2019 Jared Cook Classic

SUWANEE, Georgia – The Jared Cook Classic has become one of the region’s premier showcase events before the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hosted by North Gwinnett High, the event featured a who’s who list of the premier prospects in the state of … [Read more...]

#BCSSelect24 National Academy: Karoline Striplin

Vitals: Name: Karoline StriplinHeight: 6’3”HS Grad Year: 2021Position: PF/CSchool / Hometown: Geneva County HS (Hartford, Alabama)Club Team: Alabama Southern Starz EYBL BrandonClayScouting TheBCSReport Podcast … [Read more...]

#BCSSelect24 National Academy: Caileigh Walsh

Vitals: Name: Caileigh WalshHeight: 6’3″HS Grad Year: 2021Position: PF/CSchool / Hometown: Gill St. Bernard HS (Sparta, New York)Club Team: Exodus NYC EYBL BCSFamily Player Evaluations: August 2019 @ … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayTV: Bradley Newsome – SMP College Recruiting Exposure Member

Vitals: Name: Bradley NewsomeHeight: 6'0”HS Grad Year: 2021Position: SGSchool / Hometown: Boyd County HS (Ashland, Kentucky) Subscribe to the #BrandonClayTV Channel on YouTube today. Become an #SMPMember for maximum … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayScouting: NaismithWatch – Cole Anthony

Photo cred - UNC Basketball Anthony was one of the nation’s most talked incoming freshman and that was before the 34-point outburst on opening night. He is on my Naismith Preseason Watch List due in large part to his projected ability to be the … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayScouting: NaismithWatch – Te’a Cooper

Photo cred - Baylor WBB After spending the first four years of her career playing in the SEC, Baylor redshirt senior guard Te’a Cooper has improved with each season. She’s on my Naismith Preseason List in large part due to her skill set stepping … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayScouting: Storr to Georgia Southwestern

Photo cred - Larry Rhinehart Class of 2020 guard Jalea Storr of McDonough, Georgia, made a name for herself with OMG-TGE on the travel circuit. Now she is headed to Georgia Southwestern. The 5-foot-9 guard possesses the necessary skills and … [Read more...]

#BCSSelect24 National Academy: Caroline Ducharme

Vitals: Name: Caroline DucharmeHeight: 5'9"HS Grad Year: 2021Position: SGSchool / Hometown: Noble & Greenough HS (Milton, Massachusetts)Club Team: Exodus NYC EYBL Player Evaluations: September 2019 @ … [Read more...]

#BCSSelect24 National Academy: Niveya Henley

Vitals: Name: Niveya HenleyHeight: 5’11″HS Grad Year: 2021Position: SGSchool / Hometown: Montverde Academy (Spokane, Washington)Club Team: FBC United HuntCommitted College: Butler With over 60,000 collective … [Read more...]

#BrandonClayTV: Amelia Goehring – SMP College Recruiting Exposure Member

Vitals: Name: Amelia GoehringHeight: 5’8”HS Grad Year: 2023Position: SGSchool / Hometown: Trinity Christian HS (Jackson, Tennessee)Club Team: Alabama Southern Starz Player Evaluations: September 2018: "Goehring is an … [Read more...]